The Feather Robe

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Take every opportunity to feel opulent. The silky Feather Robe features a flirty feather trim, cropped sleeves, and deep pockets. Experience the luxury of your new go-to robe for getting event-ready.

  • Personalized Sizes

    We offer 1,260 precision sizes within the standard sizes 00-40. Take our 60-second Fit Quiz or Body Scan to find your perfect-fitting size.

  • Sizing

    The Hero Robe is available in sizes XS-3X and fits true to size. This product is not available in microsizes.

  • Material

    Made of our silky-smooth signature lining with a ostrich feather trim. 95% Polyester 5% Spandex Satin Stretch

  • Care

    Dry clean only.

How it Works



Discover your personalized size in under 60 seconds. Take our Fit Quiz or take two pictures to experience our anonymized Body Scan.


Precision Sizing

You define you – not a number. At Laws of Motion, your size is your name. We offer hundreds of shape-inclusive sizes engineered using billions of data points.


Perfect Fit Guarantee

Wear it, wash it, and if you don’t love it, then tell us. Our Customer Concierge is available anytime to ensure the perfect fit – or we’ll refund you 100%.