We exist to fuel
your ambitions.

Be a force.

At Laws of Motion, we believe in being a force at whatever you choose to be – and we exist to fuel those ambitions.

As a DTC brand, we fuel our customers' ambitions through perfect-fitting apparel made with zero waste.

As an AI fit tech company, we empower other brands and creators to offer personalized apparel at scale and serve as the nucleus for disruption within the apparel industry.

How it Works



Discover your personalized size in under 60 seconds. Take our Fit Quiz or take two pictures to experience our anonymized Body Scan.


Precision Sizing

You define you – not a number. At Laws of Motion, your size is your name. We offer hundreds of shape-inclusive sizes engineered using billions of data points.


Perfect Fit Guarantee

Wear it, wash it, and if you don’t love it, then tell us. Our Customer Concierge is available anytime to ensure the perfect fit – or we’ll refund you 100%.

Machine learning technology.

Laws of Motion is an AI fit tech company accelerating the advent of sustainable and personalized digitization of the apparel industry.

We are committed to innovating how you experience perfect-fitting clothing by digitizing body dimensions for real-time predictive capabilities.

Our machine learning technology utilizes proprietary AI architecture to predict body measurements with over 99% accuracy. You are mapped to your personalized size by completing a simple 60 second Fit Quiz or Body Scan.

Data-driven design.

We believe in doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Powered by billions of data points, Laws of Motion engineers precision sizing that is rooted in inclusivity.

Unlike traditional apparel brands, which offer standard sizes designed using the proportions of one body and fit only 2% of women, Laws of Motion offers hundreds of personalized sizes that are shape inclusive – up to 16 shapes per size – and fit 99% of women perfectly.

Laws of Motion designs polished silhouettes with a modern take on timeless styles. Made from easy-care fabrics, Laws of Motion exudes power without compromising on comfort.

Zero-waste manufacturing.

We believe in making products that are better for you and better for our planet.

Laws of Motion is a zero waste, zero inventory company. We are committed to accelerating the advent of sustainable, autonomous supply chains.

Our technology produces apparel utilizing an on-demand, state-of-the-art supply chain based in the Americas. All pieces are produced using zero waste manufacturing and delivered within 10 days.

"Laws of Motion has done away with the fashion industry's traditional sizing model in favor of a system based on simple questions that account for variations in body shape, including torso length and bust width."

—Megan McCluskey, TIME Magazine

Our perfect fit guarantee.

Laws of Motion exists to fuel your ambitions through perfect-fitting apparel. Wear it, wash it, and if you don’t feel like a total legend, then please let us know.

Our Customer Concierge will work with our data science and design teams, as well as local alterations partners, to create a solution tailored to you.

Customer feedback is invaluable in continuously refining and expanding our precision sizing. Don’t worry - if it isn’t perfect, then we’ll refund you.

Purpose-driven personalization.

We launched Laws of Motion with the belief that no one should have to sacrifice time, money, or sustainability for perfect-fitting clothing.

In a world where personalized and inclusive healthcare, haircare, and skincare are the norm, the apparel industry has struggled to keep up with macro trends because of the data precision and supply chain innovation required. Until now.

Laws of Motion believes in being a force at whatever you choose to be, and we exist to fuel your ambitions.

Shoulders back, chin up, go light the world on fire.

Carly, Founder + CEO