The Asset Blazer

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Consider the Asset an investment in future compliments. The Asset highlights your best asset and is designed to be worn as a cropped blazer or a top. This tweed statement piece takes sustainable luxury to a new level, featuring iconic fringe detail, gold buttons, and an air of ambition that’s matched only by your success. 


Please note that this piece is made to order and ships approximately 7-10 days after the purchase date, even when expedited shipping is selected. 

Personalized Sizes
We offer 180 microsizes within the standard sizes 00-24. Take our 60-second Fit Quiz to find your microsize.
  • Material

    Italian tweed. 

    26% Wool 28% Polyester 46% Acrylic

  • Care

    Dry clean only. 

  • Perfect Fit Guarantee

    We are committed to the perfect fit. Wear it, wash it, and if you don't feel like a legend, we provide complimentary alterations and are happy to issue a full refund as needed.