Using data science to put fit first

I founded Laws of Motion with the belief that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice time or money for a highly-tailored aesthetic. We used data science to engineer 99 microsizes that account for unique shapes within sizes, designed a zero-waste manufacturing process based in NYC, and developed a set of algorithms that map women to their perfect size.

It all started when I was a management consultant, working 80-hour weeks and consuming 8x more coffee than the average human should.

One weekend, I went shopping for work clothes with a male friend. He walked into a menswear shop and spent 30 minutes selecting fabric, getting measured, and sipping whiskey. Three days later, a well-priced and impeccable-fitting suit arrived at his door. I, on the other hand, trekked to a dozen different stores, finding something that sort of fit, that was sort of my style, and sort of my price point. I took it to get tailored, waited a week, and in the end paid twice the price for something I liked half as much.

Clothes that fit shouldn’t be a revolutionary idea, but hey, equal pay shouldn’t be either.

Carly, Founder + CEO