"In times of uncertainty, I focus on staying physically and mentally strong."

- Jaclyn DeRosa


Laws Legend - Jaclyn DeRosa


Jaclyn DeRosa is our Liaison to the Laws Legends and customer experience expert.  She is also our resident wellness guru and a Laws Legend herself.


What are your sources of inspiration?

My yoga community and my practice. Finding something you genuinely love, will always be an inspiration and a form of motivation. Because of this, I find myself wanting to grow and perfect my practice, daily! My parents are also a true inspiration to me. They are the hardest working people I know and the most selfless. There is something incredible about surrounding yourself with selfless peopleit changes your whole perspective on life. Lastly, getting to work with badass female entrepreneurs! Joining Laws of Motion has honestly been such an amazing career move. I love being surrounded by such a smart and driven team. There is no better source of inspiration than a team that roots for you and encourages you to be the best version of yourself. 


Laws of Motion Team


How do you manage the feeling of uncertainty?

Uncertainty is very scary, especially in the society we live in today. Most people have their business and social calendars booked a year in advance. However, times are different right now and those packed calendars are empty, plans have been canceled. Our society is living minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour and we do not know what tomorrow will bring. There are many elements in my life that feel uncertain and its difficult to handle (and I know I’m not the only one feeling this way) especially right now! There are things I am consciously doing to help—I am working on managing my emotions by checking in with myself. I’ve taught myself to be very aware of my feelings and I allow myself to feel everything all the while staying present. In times of uncertainty, I focus on staying physically and mentally strong. When I feel unhappy, stressed, anxious, I remind myself that these feelings are temporary and that I am in complete control over how I choose to handle it. Sometimes the best approach is to let go of what you can’t control and let things happen as they are supposed to.


How do you incorporate things that bring you joy on a day to day basis? 

I think this is such a great question that everyone should consistently be asking themselves. But who actually has time for themselves these days, right? It’s easy to make excuses as to why you can’t take some time out of your day and do something for yourself. Experiencing personal joy on a daily basis is a key to wellness! Find something that makes you genuinely happyit could be the smallest thing. I personally enjoy practicing Yoga. Although it is difficult to get to a yoga class every single day, I try to incorporate small practices at home. I’ll take 10-15 minutes to stretch or lay on my yoga mat and do nothing and try to clear my brain for a short period of time. These small moments help bring joy to my life. Sometimes just slowing down and turning off your brain is the best joy there is! 


Laws Legend - Jaclyn DeRosa


What feel-good resources do you recommend while we settle into this new normal? 

Talking to friends and family! Texting, FaceTiming, phone callsfree therapy! In moments where I feel sad, angry, or anxious, I reach out to people and find it to be an instant mood lifter. Social media can be an incredible feel-good sourceI personally enjoy following health and wellness accounts. Melissa Wood is by far my favorite person to follow on social media. I not only love her workouts, but appreciate her positive and uplifting energy. Gabrielle Bernstein is also so fantastic—I love her books and she is such an incredible speaker and healer. Travel influencers inspire me because I love to travel myself. You should always daydream about your next adventureI encourage it! Lastly, my Spotify playlists are truly my best feel-good source. I’ve enjoyed curating my most loved playlists and rely on them for mood boosting vibes. But honestly, there is nothing better than pouring a glass of wine, lighting a candle, and relaxing to some awesome jams! 

Laws Legend - Jaclyn DeRosa


Can you share some of your favorite uplifting quotes and memes?

“Everything will work out, because it has to” – Jaclyn DeRosa :)

“What determines each person's state of happiness or unhappiness is not the event itself, but what the event means to that person.” - Zen and The Art of Happiness

“The more you engage in any type of emotion or behavior, the greater your desire for it will become.” – Zen and The Art of Happiness

“You will not be able to solve anything on the outside until you own how the situation affects you on the inside.” – Untethered Soul

“Come from a space of peace and you’ll find that you can deal with anything” – Michael Singer




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