"I stumbled upon entrepreneurship not because I wanted to start something, but because I wanted to stop something."

- Imani Ellis



Imani Ellis is the Founder of The Creative Collective, Director of Communications at Bravo and E! Entertainment Television, and Laws Legend. 


What does being a Legend mean to you?   

Being a legend means being brave enough to live the life you've always imagined and making space for others to become brave enough to pursue their dreams.


How did you find yourself in a position where you were able to not only pour yourself into your full time job but also embark on entrepreneurship? 

I stumbled upon entrepreneurship not because I wanted to start something, but because I wanted to stop something. I wanted to end the notion that you could only cater to one part of yourself. Why can't the banker also want to be a painter? Why can't someone have more than one dream? I wanted to create a space where people could be their whole, unapologetic selves.



How do you make your office space yours? 

My office space feels like an extension of my life. Quotes, photos and trinkets that make me happy line the walls of my office and these small monuments continually inspire me and remind me how far I've come and what matters most.


Saturday night in New York – glass of red on the couch or night on the town? 

On a Friday night, I like to stay in, recharge and order Seamless and on Saturday, I prefer to be social.


What advice would you give to the graduating class of 2020?

Spend some time alone to identify what makes you the most happiest, then run towards that. Also know that it is 1000% fine to change your mind, in fact-- it's encouraged.


Laws of Motion is all about that "shoulders back, chin up, go light the world on fire" mentality. What is your go-to confidence inspired outfit? 

I love how well Laws of Motion fits me - It's truly tailored to my body and that leads to a certain level of confidence when you're walking into a boardroom. With so many decisions being made throughout the day, I love that my outfit slides on like a glove. The pop of color is warm and inviting but the sleekness of the design says that I mean business. 



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