A lot can happen in 9 minutes.


Last month, we sent the first American-manned rocket to space in almost a decade. It successfully reached orbit in 8 minutes and 30 seconds.


The week prior, we experienced another horrific murder of a Black man. George Floyd was suffocated to death in 8 minutes and 46 seconds.


That’s the same amount of time.

One 9-minute window represents progress and advancement, and the other reeks of injustice and violence.

We too can do a lot in 9 minutes.


In 9 minutes, we can educate ourselves.
In 9 minutes, we can examine unconscious biases.
In 9 minutes, we can make a call.
In 9 minutes, we can sign a petition.

In 9 minutes, we can peacefully protest injustice.

In 9 minutes, we can support a Black business.

In 9 minutes, we can donate.

In 9 minutes, we can be a force.


These 9 minutes serve as our catalyst for change, not just a moment of activism. Laws of Motion stands in solidarity with the Black community against systemic racism and oppression. Taking action is not only the right decision, it’s the only decision.


Tomorrow, the Laws of Motion team is taking one small step in our commitment to change by recognizing Juneteenth as a company-wide holiday. We are also offering additional paid time off to our team to fuel action, providing funding to each teammate to donate to the organization(s) of their choice, and maintaining an open forum of shared educational resources.  


We invite our community to join us, and are providing free masks to protect you and those around you, available now. Shoulders back, chin up.





Laws of Motion Team  


Laws of Motion exists to fuel women’s ambitions with confidence-inspired looks that are made to fit you perfectly using zero waste. We now also make PPE in America for America.